Monday, May 21, 2012

Paragliding Simulator for Google Earth

I've found  this cool and free paragliding simulator plugin in Google Earth. It can also be easily embeded in web pages, allowing users a quick start for the flight. You will need the free Google Earth plugin to play with it. You will get a download link if you don't have it installed.

The simulator features quite a few locations around the world from where you can launch and a wide variety of gliders, both with motor and without.


Direct link to the site.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adding autogen automatically to FSX photoreal scenery

These days I am working on a huge project, creating a FSX photoreal scenery covering my home country. One of the problem I faced was adding autogen to the textures. As adding it manually would have taken ages I have been looking from start for some automatic solution that can do it for me.
After some long searches I have found it. Actuall it is a combination of a couple of programs, but the end result was adding autogen to over 70%  of the country, in just three days, and without too much work from my side.

So here is how I did it: