Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mountain landscape at LDDU

Low clouds hitting the top of teh mountains as we are boarding our passengers for a flight back to Bucharest.

Crosswind at Dubrovnik (LDDU)

Landing at Dubrovnik with strong crosswind at approach. A very smooth manual landing though.

Fog again

And the first autoland of this season.

Crowded morning at LOWI

Quite some traffic this morning at LOWI. An airbus a 319 holding short at rwy 26 waiting for me to depart.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

First missed approach in a while

This evening I almost left the company without an aircaft and some pasenegers. I had to go arround after bouncing off the runway at Inssbruch. The wind changed dirrection very suddenly and I dropped like a rock on the runway. I applied fullthrotle just before that but it kicked in too late so I found myslef airborne again. Not a very good thing when sorrounded by mountains. The second try was a bit better although becauseof me two aircraft made holding patterns over RTT.

Fog and rain at Bucharest

A standard winter day at LROP. I almost regreted performing a manual landing as I saw the runway first time just close to decision height. A smooth landing though despite the 7 kts crosswind.


Ligura coast seen at about FL270 while we were inbound to GEN VOR performing the GEN1K SID from LIMJ. Cloudy day over the alps.

Emergency landing at Genoa

This gulfstream made an emergency landing while we were boarding passenegers. It cause a slight delay in receiving our clearence but all was ok eventually.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Extreme landing at LIMJ

Before TOD in this first flight to Genoa I was planning a nice autoland to enjoy the beautiful scenery on finalm untill I contacted the ATC. Instead of my dream autoland and ILS approach to rwy 29 I was given a circle to land procedure to rwy 11. I don't blame the ATC, winds were 10 kts from 020.

I admit I could have done better on landing, think I need to practice some touch and go's this weekend. Looking at the landing I remember those 747's landing on a wheel at Kai Tak in it's glory days.

I think I found a new favorite destination. I love challenging approaches.

We love flying...

A hole in the cloud ceiling in the shape of a hearth seen from FL380 en route to Genoa (LIMJ).

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ladies and gentelmens we have arrived at our destination....

Buda and Pest

Budapest, hungary capital seen from final approach to rwy 13L at LHBP (Ferighey). Airplane was full with passangers and bagage today so the CG was in the back.

Rise up

Taking off in a very nice evening heading to LHBP.

Rainy days at LROP

Very bad weather while departing to LRCJ on a short internal flight. Winter is here.

Taxi at URSS

Taxing back to the homebase with Causcus mountain in background.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rainy day

Bad weather today as we are cruising at FL200. On this short flight seatbelts signs were kept open all the way.

Friday, November 21, 2008

When to use aircraft lights

Many have asked when to switch on or off different types of light on an aircraft so I devised this small table below to help out. It is based on the numerous checklists have used for different aircrafts I have flown in flight simulator. Do not use for real navigation!

Light: Rotating beacon
Switch ON: Before engine startup
Switch OFF: After engine is shutdown at arrival

Light: Strobe lights (flashing light on wing tips and belly)
Switch ON: When entering active runway at departure
Switch OFF:Before entering a taxiway after landing (Rule is that Strobe should be off on Apron)

Light: Taxi
Switch ON: When commencing taxi
Switch OFF: In climb or after Landing lights are on

Light: Landing Lights
Switch ON: When entering active runway before takeoff
Switch OFF: Before entering first taxiway at landing (Off on apron always)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From Craiova to Baneasa

As this is the first post I should probably say why I built this blog. I spend quite some time simming and other than my logbook there is no record of what happen that time in the virtual world. So why not keeping an online record with images.
First one is from a short flight from LRCV to LRBS. On final at LRBS 07.