Friday, November 21, 2008

When to use aircraft lights

Many have asked when to switch on or off different types of light on an aircraft so I devised this small table below to help out. It is based on the numerous checklists have used for different aircrafts I have flown in flight simulator. Do not use for real navigation!

Light: Rotating beacon
Switch ON: Before engine startup
Switch OFF: After engine is shutdown at arrival

Light: Strobe lights (flashing light on wing tips and belly)
Switch ON: When entering active runway at departure
Switch OFF:Before entering a taxiway after landing (Rule is that Strobe should be off on Apron)

Light: Taxi
Switch ON: When commencing taxi
Switch OFF: In climb or after Landing lights are on

Light: Landing Lights
Switch ON: When entering active runway before takeoff
Switch OFF: Before entering first taxiway at landing (Off on apron always)

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