Monday, November 25, 2013

Prepar 3D v2 first flight - screenshots

After more than 10 hours of download, finally I have it. Too bad it's very late in the evening and I can't fly too much but here are the first screenshots I took in Prepar3D v2. As first impression, I was very happy on how the new DX11 rendering looks like: absolutely no blurries, ENB like effects, nice lighting and shadows. The best of the best, the improvements they did to the autogen loading logic is quite impressive. I will come back tomorrow with more details after I get to make some longer flights.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prepar3D V2 now available for purchase

The Prepar3D V2 is now available for purchase!
Really looking forward for really long time to make the purchase and put my hands on a brand new copy of Prepar3D V2. I will come back with some images after first look.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Prepar3D v2 launches Monday Nov 25th

Just a couple more days to wait till Prepar3D will be available for purchase. In a post on the official website dated Nov 19th LM announced Prepar3D will be launched on Monday Nov 25th Some of the notable features:
- DX11 rendering
- Dynamic shadows
- Volumetric fog
- Improved lighting
- 3D water
- A couple of new good quality aircrafts developed by some of the major names in the field
- and many other improvements...

Looking forward to make the first flight!

Also the first videos from v2 appeared on Youtube already:

3D water

Volumetric fog

Dynamic Shadows