Friday, February 19, 2010

Mega Airport Amsterdam for FS9 released

The new scenery for one of Europe's largest airports is available on Aerosoft online shop.

    *  All buildings and airport institutions
    * Dynamic and animated objects
    * High resolution day- and night textures
    * Photorealistic textures on buildings, vehicles, etc.
    * Docking systems
    * Fully compatible to the standard AI traffic and traffic add-ons such as MyTrafficX
    * Taxiways, apron with realistic rendered textures
    * Hundreds of taxiway- and runway signs according to original plans
    * Dynamic vehicle traffic on the airport (and surrounding) based on AESLite
    * Supports AES (Airport Enhancement Services) from version 2.06 (coming soon)
    * Manual (German / English)


SimMiles Corporation said...

I beleive that they now have this scenery available for FSX.

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Juan Arroyo said...

Since the release of Texture Booster Pack FSX there was a strong demand for a FS9 version of this product. Texture Booster Pack FSX is a bestseller on one of the flight sim sites that the FSX version of this product is listed on.The FS9 version is just as breathtaking with a few changes to fit FS9.

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