Friday, November 26, 2010

New version of Plan G

A new version of the very good Plan G flight planner based on Google Maps has been released.

 New features in version 2.0:
•New Airport viewer
•New Approach viewer
•Add approach to flight plan
•Display Victor Airways
•Weather reports without FS connection
•Relative wind display
•New enhanced native ".PLG" file format with support for cross-references, passing altitudes, notes, approaches etc
•Sample plans
•Sharable bookmarks
•Display KML/KMZ files
•New Quick Planner
•Route Copy to clipboard for VAs, VATSIM etc
•Water runways display
•Detachable tool windows for expander panels
•Actual times recorded (local or zulu) an be printed on PLOGs
•Spot elevations (with optional DEM installed)
•Move aircraft to here function
•Many more UI enhancements

To view more details and download the free flight planner go to Plan G flight planning software page.

I also made a review to the first version of Plan G a while ago. You can see it here.

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SimMiles Corporation said...

I have used Plan G and highly recommended. I love the approach feature, makes landing alot easier.

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