Friday, February 4, 2011

GE Flight Simulator - a flight simulator in your browser using Google Earth

I came around this website where you can play with a flight simulator based on Google Earth plugin, in your browser, and take off from everywhere in the world flying over the sattelite imagery. It can be even played multiplayer as you can see all the other players that connect trough the app. Very nice application to have fun from once in a while, and you can even use a joystick. Will be good to have a fast network connection to load the ground textures fast enough.

Forgot to mention it is free and built by the community.
You can go and play on the site or enjoy some screenshots I took below:

Nice scenery...

.... a cockpit view, ....

 .... 4 aircrafts and virtually the entire world to fly from.


Jamie said...

Looks really cool. Thanks for sharing!

kevin m said...

I absolutely love flight simulation. I spend hours flying and really enjoy it. I have FS 2004 and X-plane.

I did not know anything about Google Earth having a flight simulator. That's really cool and thanks for the info. Now I can fly while at work (lunchtime).

You have a nice blog too.

Anonymous said...

I use this simulator all the time and love it. I have become and expert at controlling everything(except the helicopter) and can even do tricks like inward spirals,cartweels,180 on a dime turns. Im also posting a blog about the sim.