Monday, August 1, 2011

Easy place library scenery objects in FSX

While trying to create some search and rescue scenery for Flight Simulator X, I came across this great tool for placing library scenery objects in FSX.

The free open source program is called Whisplacer and allows you to place library objects in FSX using a live preview mode (the program connects to FSX, reads the plane position and places the object visually in the sim). After user is happy with the scenery objects position the program can save a .bgl file. At the next FSX restart the scenery will appear.

I have placed for example a couple of the fsx stock oil rigs on the sea next to CYPR.

Whisplacer is a fairly small download and installation is also easy (it just needs to be extracted in a folder). My opinion is that this program  is overall easier to use than the Object placer that comes with the FSX SDK.

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