Thursday, December 1, 2011

My cheap Cessna Mustang home cockpit project

A couple of weeks ago I had a crazy idea. After barely getting through almost two months of house renovation (moved recently in a new apartment) I thought I might make good use of my time by starting something that I have in mind since quite some time ago. Well more or less building my first home cockpit for flight sim.

Living in something that can be sometimes called a 3rd world country, with not that big budget (I actually dismissed 3 or 4 aircraft types due to costs involved and cut the budget with almost 90% in the process), I decided the simplest idea would be to build half of a Cessna Citation Mustang cockpit with Garmin G1000 avionics. Primary reason is that it does not have that many switches spread all over the cockpit and all the instrumentation can be grouped in a single LCD monitor. It is very easy to make different switches and buttons, but quite difficult to put together a FMC for example, so this aircraft seems to be not that hard to build.

After not so much time after seeing that I could actually build something like that, I started feeling the adrenaline pumping trough my veins thinking on all those wires, switches and buttons I will get the privilege to solder together in a working autopilot, or the interior decoration that I will do when all the electronics would be in place :)

But until the soldering; first step was to get clearence to park my machinery in one of the free corners in our house. After deleting the two spacious closets we have from my list, I finally obtained the needed ok from my girlfriend (who BTW suggested I should see a shrink in the discussion process) to park the Cessna on the balcony (good thing we only have 3 months of winter ;)).

That being said, back to the drawing board! The image in this post shows a 3d rendering on how I am imagining the different components coming togheter. I am very sure they will not fit that well in reality, but let's see.
Considering this render the starting point of my project, I will continue to give regular updates on this blog on how everything goes. Hope that in a month or two tops to start the actual building after finalizing the plans.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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