Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prepar3D v2 Academic Preview - Aircraft and Vehicles

My second post in the series will focus on the aircraft that come out of the box with the Prepar3D V2 Academic simulator.

If you missed the first post in the series here it is:
Prepar3D v2 Academic Preview - First Look

Prepar3D version 2 Academic comes by default with 15 vehicles (14 aircrafts and a submersible). They come in various paint schemes and configurations. Some are similar to the ones in FSX but there are also some made by professional addons creators like Alabeo (Extra 300S), Iris Simulation (F22), Carenado(A36), JustFlight (Constellation) and Lionheart Creations (Acclaim). A welcomed addition are the fighter planes and jets (F22, F35, P38j) which, in Professional edition, can have weapon attachments and be used in fighter missions.
What is missing as compared with FSX are the commercial jets (Boeing 737, Airbus A320), but in my view this is not a great loss since they were very basic and I was flying the ones made by Wilco or PMDG anyhow. Since this is not an entertainment product, but one that is aimed at aviation students, professionals and military personnel the choice of vehicles are reflecting this also.

But enough talking, here are the vehicles as they appear in my listing:

Alabeo Extra 300S

Beech Baron 58

...and with G1000 cockpit instruments.

Beech King Air 350

IRIS F22 Raptor

Carenado A36

F35 Lightning II

Just Flight Lockheed C69 and L049 - Constellation

Maule M7 260C

 Lionheart Creations Mooney Acclaim with G1000

Mooney Bravo (and with G1000)

Just Flight P38f (and J) Lightning

Piper J-3 Cub

Robinson R22

IRIS T6 A-2 Texan

Neptun SRM Submersible

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