Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bucharest International Air Show 2014

Some photos from an airshow today on Bucharest Baneasa International Airport.

Cockpit of a medium airliner parked on the apron

Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration stand

Surface to air missile

Tarom Boeing 737 in anniversary livery escorted by Romanian Airclub Extra 300L

Tarom Boeing 737 in anniversary livery in formation with four Romanian Airclub Extra 300L

F5 from Baltic Bees with an Boeing 737 flying in formation in the background

Extra 300L breaking formation with an Boeing 737 from Tarom in the center

Two F5 Phantom figher jets from Baltic Bees display  team starting engines

Baltic Bees F5 formation with smoke

Romanian Air Force C27 J Spartan escorted by a Mig 21 Lancer fighter dropping flares

Solo performance of an Mig 21 Lancer from Romanian Air Force

Romanian Air Force C-27J Spartan

Romanian Air Force C-130  Hercules transport plane performing  tactical approach

Romanian Army fire team inserted by IAR 330 Puma helicopter

Romanian Army Tab-77 during ground forces attack with air support demonstration

IAR 330 Puma picking up ground forces at the end of  a demonstration

1 comment:

JetAviator7 said...

Really cool set of photographs - all this military hardware is fun to look at but dangerous as heck!

I hope you wore a good pair of AO Original Pilot sunglasses and protected your eyes at this airshow!