Sunday, December 14, 2008


After 12 hours of flying (not being PIC but passanger) I have arrived at Churchill (CYYQ) to join Canadian Air Force crew for a couple of cargo carrying missions trought the country. Winter is the master here with minus 38 degrees centigrades outside.
First flight of the day is taking us to Arviat (CYEK) 30 minutes north of Churchill.
As Hercules is not a very hi-tech plane with RNAV GPS FMC and so on we are back to the navigation basics, flying by VOR and NDB. I admit I missed that in the 737. Our bird loaded up and ready, waiting for us to start it.
As there is no precision apporach at Arviat we made a ndb approach to rwy 33. We were pretty heavy (52190 lbs cargo) so I had to go around first time because I was pretty high.
The short gravel runway did not pose any problems but we had to load only 20000 lbs cargo for the second leg to make sure we do not end up in water.
A perfect ILS approach at Churchill.