Monday, December 15, 2008

CYRT - Rankin Inlet CYBK - Baker Lake

It's day 2 here in Arctic Canada and we are back on duty to carry supplies to the remote cities. Air is almost the only mean to reach this communties so the cargo we ship can make the diffrence between a happy and a ruined Cristmas. We consider ourselfs some Santa's helpers.
Enough talking! Believe it or not it's 12 at noon and we can see stars on the sky. No aurora yet. Hopefully far to the north. Today we carried 25000 pounds in food and supplies from Rankin Inlet to Baker lake 140 nm to the north.
While powering the beast a Hawker Siddeley landed from a similar mission. As the cargo was still loading and they could spare me I went to take a closer look at this old but reliable aircraft. I don't see many of them in Europe.

About the flight, we dumped some fuel during cruise as we were a bit overloaded due to a fuel pump error. Other than that magnetic navigation is totally unreliable so far north so I had to rely on the good old fashioned visual approach. The weather was lovely so no problems there.
Pretty short runway but the reverser did the job and we stopped with runway to spare.

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