Monday, August 24, 2009

How to install aircrafts in FSX

This is especially useful for new users of FSX. Before we get into details let's see how is the folder structure from an aircraft looking like:

/737 - main aircraft folder
model - Folder containing the 3d model of the aircraft
texture.xx - Textures (images that go over the 3d model to create the skin)
gauges - Dashboard instrument, either in .gau files or as .xml and .bmp files (Optional)
panel - 2d panel texture/background and/or Virtual cockpit background and panel.cfg
aircraft.cfg - Main configuration file of the aircraft - data about texture, model, weight, avionics, electronic buses...
misc files - kneeboard, briefings, etc.

In FSX the folder structure changed a bit from FS2004. If in fs2004 aircrafts were found in a folder called....Aircrafts, in FSX they have been moved to Simobjects and divided by type (rotorcraft, aircraft...).

Basicaly to install an aircraft you close FSX and copy the above aircraft folder (make sure it is in same structure [aircraft folder]/aircarft.cfg) in:

[FSX main folder]/SimObjects/Aircrafts - if it is a fixed wing aircraft
[FSX main folder]/SimObjects/Rotorcraft - if a helicopter

After this si done if the developer provided a separate gauges folder, please copy that as well to have the .gau files directly in this folder:
[FSX main folder]/Gauges

Same applies to effects.

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