Thursday, September 17, 2009

FS2004 and Nvidia anti aliasing issues - how to fix

If you get issues with FS2004 and antialiasing (split / duplicate image, no anti aliasing, black screen in screenshots) here is a fast way to fix it.

You will need to download and install Nhancer from

Find MS Flight Simulator 2004 profile and press Duplicate to create a copy. The default one cannot be usually modified. Disable/delete the old one if needed.

Make sure fs9.exe is added under executable box for the profile you would like to have active.

Check "Profile can be activated manually".

On the right hand side, under "Enhancements", change to the desired settings.

Anti Aliasing ticked
Supersampling 4xs selected (Or more if your system acn handle)
"Enhance in game AA setting" - Unchecked
"Gamma Correction" - Checked
Anisotropic filtering 16x selected - Less if system cannot handle

Under optimization tab:

Texture filtering - high quality
Trilinear optimization - off
Aniso. sample optimization - off
Negative LOD bias - Clamp

Activate the profile in Nhancer before starting FS2004.

In FS following settings have to be made: Antialiasing - off and filtering to Trilinear.

This should solve most of the issues. If you make screenshots in the simulator using any program and they end up black please change the antialiasing seetting to 2x or any other value untill it works. Usualy on my system I have to also turn off supersampling sometimes to get rid of that.

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