Monday, September 7, 2009

PMDG releases BAe Jetstream 4100 for FSX

I was writing some time ago about a secret project from PMDG. looks like it's finally revealed. PMDG just announced the release of a new aircraft, and the model they developed is Jetstream 41 turboprop regional airliner, manufactured by
BAE Systems.

Some of the features of this aircraft:
  • External objects can be shown/hidden using the Ramp Manager. External objects, when activated via the Ramp Manager, are visible from the Virtual Cockpit;
  • Fully Interactive, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit;
  • Stunning, high definition photoreal textures in the VC;
  • Unique advanced mathematical model of Garret turboprop engine;
  • Impressive and realistic fully Immersive Sound;
  • Detailed icing model;
  • Numerous free addon liveries;
  • Option for optimizing frame rates on low end systems.
The J41's systems were reproduced to match the operation of those in the real aircraft, and include:
  • Pressurization
  • Electrical
  • Fuel
  • Fire Protection
  • Hydraulics
  • Ice Protection
  • Avionics
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