Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Airbus aircrafts for Microsoft Flights Simulator

As I have currently become an Airbus fan, I did some research during the last couple of days for any Airbus aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator that is available on market.

Curently the best one seems to be the Wilco Feelthere model, but it seems to have some bugs and missing features. Another model is the PSS A320 which for some sources is as good as the Wilco one but still has some features missing.

But don't be sad there are two models in development that are looking spectacular. The one I found most interesting and that is almost completed, acording to it's developer, is the Airsimmer A320. More information about the progress can be found on their website and support forum. I have to admit the preview videos and images are looking just great. To give you an idea I found this nice video on their forum presenting the virtual cockpit animations.

Second model in development is Airliner XP. This looks amazing too but the developers are a bit quiet about the progress. Looking on the forums the last post about it is from begining of last year.

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