Saturday, January 17, 2009

LLBG Ben Gurion 2006 Scenery

Not many freeware sceneries can be compared to their payware counterparts. I recently came across one that can be easily compared in quality and artwork with an comercial addon.
It is the Ben Gurion 2006 Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 made by David Rosenfeld. It can be downloaded from Avsim and probaly form other freeware download libraries too. You will also need to install this patch which corrects a couple of missing textures.

The main download is 40mb big, while the instalation will take around 150mb creating two 60mb folders , one for the photoreal ground and the other for the airport itself. The area covered by the photoreal scenery is quite large and it also includes autogen on a large percentage of the map. There are also included some skyscrapers from Tel Aviv which made a very nice touch and makes the aproaches very realistic.

Daytime approach to runway 12

Terminal and gates at dusk. The scenery features dinamic gates that connect to you aircraft depending on the radio frequency.

View of the buildings. As you can see there is a large number of autogen buildings over teh photoreal map. On my system it didn't had any impact on framerate. Another plus for this scenery.

Control tower

Climbing from runway 30 with the sea and Tel Aviv's buildings

You can see the resolution of teh photoreal image as well as the density of autogen. Just beautiful!

Overall I would recomend visiting Tel Aviv and installing this scenery.