Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloom effect for FS2004 - who needs FSX anymore

I just discovered one of the coolest looking addons for FS2004 in some time. It adds the bloom effect present in FSX to FS2004,improving a lot the visual quality, especially the lights. Here is a nice movie from Youtube.

I translated the installation instruction with Google Translate from this blog in French. You can find there a lot of screenshots also. More images can be also found here.

1. Download. ZIP version 0.074g called GTA San Andreas beta v0.074g shader 1.4. Tests have been concluded with the 075 seems to be more recent.

2. In the. ZIP files are only two interesting D3D9.DLL and ENBSERIES.INI. Copy these files in the main Flight Simulator 2004 (eg C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Games \ Flight Simulator 9 \)

3. And if necessary before launching Flight Simulator, replaced by the ENBSERIES.INI settings found on the Internet. Otherwise, try the default ones. To see.

4. Launch Flight Simulator. From the selection window of the flight (where the aircraft chosen turn at the bottom of the window), you can test if the mod is installed by pressing SHIFT + F12. The 3D window of the plane has to change in appearance (generally the aircraft is in a sort of halo of light) within the parameters of your. Ini. Then 3 lines of text appear yellow surreptitiously at the launch of the flight in the top left. They recall the author and the version of the mod. Watch them, they indicate that the two files above are in the right place and active.

5. If the mod. is not active by default, it starts with a combination of SHIFT + F12.

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