Sunday, February 15, 2009

End of Aces, end of Flight Simulator?

I think all of us is asking this question since Microsoft took the unfortuante decision of closing Aces Studio. Will this be the end of Flight Simulator?
I saw some rather disturbing comments on the web during the past couple of weeks, coments that stated that yes, with the end of development on the FS series, the end of our hobby as we know it is near.
In my opinion this is far from the truth, this great flight simualtor comunity will continue to exists even if there will be no Microsoft (or any other company) Flight Simulator 11. You don't beliveve, take Counter Strike as example. This simple game captivated gamers since it's introduction around year 1999 and the big number of fans is still playing more or less the same version of the game (which had only 1 version and six variants lates introduced was 1.6 in 2003). The graphics didn't changes much, gameplay remained the same, but the comunity keeps creating better and better maps and addons.
As long as we will be able to purchase FSX and we will be creating addons, our world will remain the same, because mostly WE, the fans, are the ones making Flight Simulator a star!

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