Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why things have to be so complicated!?

As I spent all night and couldn't trouleshoot what is causing the low framerate in Airbus I decided the only thing I can do is to reinstall the whole OS. It took me over 7 hours to install all back and I'm still having a couple of items. Curently I'm installing updates to the OS.

Things are so complicated and you need so many programs. Imagine, after reinstalling FS, the airplanes, IVAP, MTL, textures, Mesh, addons... I even had to install nhancer and delete profiles in Safe mode as Nvidia's driver is playing tricks with my antialiasing. I can bet I will get a new problem after installing so much software.

If by any chance all goes well after the updates to OS next thng on my list is a backup program to create a full image of my C: drive, os next time I could restore it in less time.

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