Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter at Vienna

Busy Sunday afternoon at Vienna - LOWW airport. ATC is using two runways today, we chose runway 16 which offers one of the nicest apporaches to the airport due to the highway and river that croses the flightpath just before landing. We had a prety steep descent due to the FMGC's bad calculations as well as some aplications eating up frames during the descent but all was ok and we did a pretty good landing, although we were forced to rush things.
It is never good to rush things, especially when flying an airplane, as there are biger chances to forget things that way. I just saw a good example to this this morning while watching the Air Crash Investigations episode dedicated to Flight965 where one of the reasons for the crash was the fact that the pilots choose an aproach that was forcing them to descent faster thatn they should have and adding a lot more workload in the cockpit.

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