Sunday, February 8, 2009

GREECE GAP MEGA KERKYRA 2009 scenery review

One of my favourites airports in Europe is Kerkyra (or beter known as Corfu), so I was happy to see during last week the launch of this wonderfull scenery made by GAP (Greek Airports Project) team. Just today I found some time to make a flight and test it and made a couple of screenshots to help you make an opinion about it.

Kerkyra Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR) airport is located on the island of Corfu(Greece), on the banks of the Ionian sea, close to the border with Albania. The airport offers domestic flights with Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines, but the vast majority of traffic in the summer season is charter flights for holidaymakers, Corfu being a well known holiday destination.

LGKR has a single runway (17/35) which is 7,792 ft (2,375 m) long and as instrument approach aids runway 35 features a VOR DME. The location, scenery and runway lenght makes it a perfect destination for the thrill seakers.

Let's proceeed to the scenery :) It contains a big part of the modern features present in payware scenerys like custom ground textures, animated vehicles, boats, custom mesh, landclass etc. but it comes at the best possible
As you can see from the image below the gound texture contains skid marks which can also be found on the runway itself and the airport buildings are completly modeled along side a lot of vehicles and objects present on the airport.

The sorounding island is custom made including landclass and realistic shorelines. In the image below a monument can be seen on top of the distant mountain.

The ground marks are realistic and introduce you in the atmosphere of the airport.

I did not observed any framerate issue while I did a VOR DME approach to 35 folowed by a circle to land for runway 17 despite the large ammount of custome objects found on the island.

What would have been good to see is a photoreal texture for the ground but taking into consideration the scenery is free ans such image are worth money it doesn't make that big diffrence. The custom landclass and shorelines compensate for it.

Even from this heigh the amount of objects is pretty high for a FS2004 scenery, but if you like to fly low and slow then you wil lbe amazed of the detail the team designed it.

Overall I have only good things to say about this scenery and I can easily compare it to some payware models. It is perfect for both the IFR and VFR flyer. If you want to see it even closer maybe take a boat and sail around the airport.

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