Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great airports and great freeware sceneries - Napulevola LIRN 2006

Some of the best freeware sceneries for FS2004 are of Italian airports so I have started with high expectations this flight to Naples Capodichino airport (LIRN) using Napulevola LIRN 2006 scenery available for download here. My expectations were fulfilled when I arrived over the huge photoreal map and made the final approach to the airport.

LIRN is wonderful by itself due to the extraordiary position on the coast, left to Mount Vesuvius, one of Italy simbols. The high terrain around the airport makes the approach unique. What I liked at this scenery is that, if you install all the packages available on the website (photoreal, buildings, airport), you get a lot of landmark objects positioned around the flightpath to the runway.

If you watch this movie showing a real approach to LIRN and go to FS2004 and recreate it you can spot a lot of buildings and objects perfectly modeled after the real world counterparts.
But enough talking let's go see some images.

Downwind to runway 06 with the airport and mt. Vesuvius.

ILS established to rwy 06
A high hill with lots of 3d objects

Some bridges and landmark buildings

The port on the right side

Large density of buildings on final approach

On ground

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