Friday, February 27, 2009

Helicopter Autopilot and trim for fs2004 and FSX

I like flying helicopters in flight simulator but I hate the fact that you need to keep contant presure on the joystick to keep the helicopter level. I already broke one joystick due to this. Searching the web lately I found to gauges taht can amke helicopter flying in FS easyer and close to reality.

First one is the Heli trim found on Avsim which adds a trim similat to the one from fixed wing aircrafts which can be operated by the same keys or joystick buttons as the normal trim. The isntalation is vey easy, just copy the gauges in apropriate folders, enable the neede axes in the .cfg file you will place in main FSX folderand add a entry in panel.cfg. Just jump in the helicopeter and use the trim commands as on any aircraft in FS.

Second one, as easy to install as the first one is Dirk Fassbender&Antti Pankonen Helicopter AUTOPILOT for FSX and FS9, which adds a fully functional autopilot to the helicopter of your choice. It is modeled after the autopilot found on the Cougar and works ok with a wide range of helicopters. The helicopter gets a little shake when using it but nothing too annoying.

The two above work perfectly togheter (not in the same time off course) and can be installed in aproximatevly 20 minutes or less.


ben said...


I don't really know how to install the heli trim files on FS 2004.
Could you explain ?


SimMiles Corporation said...

I love flying the helicopter in FSX.

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